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Във връзка с поетата от Европейската синдикална конфедерация инициатива по повод 18.XII. - Деня на мигрантите и бежанците, СМФ Подкрепа изразява своята солидарност с европейското синдикално движение и изразената от Европейската конфедерация позиция за защита на човешките права и достойнство на бежанците.


Декларация на Европейската синдикална конфедерация:


Trade unions for inclusion of refugees


On International Migrants Day, December 18, the European trade union movement under the leadership of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) calls for solidarity with the refugees arriving in Europe.


The EU has a responsibility to treat asylum seekers respectfully and with dignity once they land on our shores. What is also needed is a concerted effort to support developing countries in the resolution of conflicts, state- and capacity-building and to provide substantial assistance with their economic development, in order to improve the quality of life for the populations and their ability to sustain themselves. These challenges can only be met through reliable long-term commitments that cannot be bargained away for political opportunism.


IndustriAll Europe and its affiliates, jointly with the call on the established political actors and institutions of the EU and its Member States, to work on improving the acceptance of refugees in society, so that the desperate situation of human beings in need of protection, fleeing from wars and political prosecution, is not exploited by populists in elections and to confront right wing extremism and xenophobia with determination and:

·         Pledge to assist the inclusion and integration of refugees into society, particularly into the workplace;

·         Call for increased investment in public services in order to meet the needs of refugees and local communities;

·         Encourage the European Commission in its efforts to develop effective EU-wide policies for asylum and warn that credible policies are also needed for legal migration and inclusion;

·         Urge all EU Member States to show solidarity and responsibility in welcoming and resettling refugees and to open a debate on revision of the Dublin Regulations;

·         Note the value of collective bargaining in reaching agreements between employers and workers for the integration of refugees into work, and reassuring local workers that their wages and conditions will not be undermined.


“Europe cannot turn its back on people fleeing from war, persecution and catastrophes,” said Ulrich Eckelmann, industriAll Europe General Secretary. “We have laws that clearly extend protection to people whose life would otherwise be in jeopardy”.


“Trade unions are working towards the inclusion in society of newly arrivals, and, in particular, towards their integration into the labour market wherever possible. In order to shoulder this great and important task, Europe requires investment in additional public services and increased action to ensure equal pay for equal work. Under no circumstances may refugees continued to be exploited after their journey as a cheap source for labour”, said Eckelmann.


European trade unions have established some 1000 contact points across Europe to provide assistance for migrants on registration, work permits, education and other practical issues. Trade unions are in the frontline of the inclusion and integration of refugees into – and in representing the rights of refugees at – the workplace, and are committed to work for the fairest possible deal for local workers and refugees.


The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) is organising a conference in Zagreb, Croatia, on International Migrants Day to highlight and discuss a practical and humanitarian response to the refugee crisis:


“Solidarity is a perhaps over-used trade union motto,” said ETUC General Secretary Luca Visentini, “but in the case of the arrival of hundreds of thousands of refugees into Europe, solidarity is the best word to describe what we need to maintain human decency and avoid serious conflict.”


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